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The Goal of Branding: Why Companies Spend Billions On It

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Today’s marketplace is very crowded, a logo slapped on a product just doesn’t cut it anymore. Branding is way more than recognising a logo and patterns, it’s about forging a deep connection with your audience, a bond that is more than just product features it’s a gut feeling. So, what’s the ultimate goal of branding?

In short, to earn the trust and loyalty of your target audience with a product, service or company and become the primary choice when deciding which option to go with. By being different, consumers can filter the 100+ choices and become loyal customers because they feel a sense of belonging.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding’s magic. Dive deeper to discover how evoking emotions, being different and even shaping culture are all part of branding goals.

The Goal of Branding Is To Be Different

Every day we get blasted with information and our brains filter out a lot of this information overload. So instead we are hard-wired to notice what is different. Branding’s goal starts with building recognition.

multiple circles and one filled in
A circle standing out amongst other circles

Your logo, colors, fonts, and messaging create a visual language that becomes familiar to your audience. This is crucial, for without recognition, you’re lost in the noise.

Keep in mind, a brand is not your logo, colors and fonts this is just the first step.

The true magic happens when you move from recognition to resonance. This is where your brand transcends the visual and connects with your audience on an emotional level.

It’s about understanding their values, aspirations, and pain points, weaving those elements into the very fabric of your brand identity and becoming a part of their identity.

It’s not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is

Marty Neumeier‘s book The Brand Gap

Branding should Evoke Emotion, Not Just Specs

Instead of bombarding your audience with how good your product or service is, branding focuses on evoking emotions. This is because we humans are emotional and intuitive beings and make decisions based on this fact. Just take Coca-Cola for example they have nailed evoking the right emotions with their brand.

a smile within the coca cola logo
a smile created with the Coca-Cola logo

Imagine you are at the grocery store and you’re faced with a wall of different olive oils, which one do you choose? most likely the same one that you always have picked right? they have proven to be reliable before and you are happy with the results. In other words, you trust the brand.

This applies to everything that you buy regularly, we go to the same restaurant because we know it will ‘hit the spot’, we buy Canon over Nikon and we buy the same brand phone because we know Android is better than Apple 👀. I think the image below from Marty Neumeier‘s book The Brand Gap captures this emotional equation.

text showing trust = relability + delight
Trust = relability + delight

There’s just too many options available nowadays and many of these options have minor different specs, features or benefits that we don’t have enough time to compare each and every single one every time we go out to buy, imagine doing this for your groceries!

So trust is what we use to make our decisions and if we trust the brand we become a part of that tribe, in other words, loyal customers.

Create A Tribe of Loyal Customers

We’re not that different from our ancestors, we still have our small communities and groups that we identify with and we all crave that sense of belonging. Finding your tribe is a big part of having a happy and fulfilling life.

Different tribes in their traditional clothing
Different tribes in their traditional clothing

So how do we show that we are part of a tribe?

Author and marketing strategist, Seth Godin says that there only needs to be 2 things for a tribe to come together:

  1. A shared idea
  2. A way to communicate it.

That second one, having a way to communicate it, is how we show that we are part of a tribe. This could be flaunting your team colours, buying a clay brick, stickers on your laptop, or t-shirts with a logo. There are many ways to express your belongingness.

This emotional connection fosters loyalty. When your audience truly identifies with your brand, they become your champions. They’re not just customers, they’re advocates, spreading the word and returning for more. This loyalty means a growing and thriving community around your brand.

How Disney’s Does It: Branding Goal Example

No one connects better with the audience than Disney, almost every kid has watched a Disney movie and felt some sort of connection with their films, Mufasa’s death anybody… 😭

We all feel some sort of connection with their characters whether it’s Simbas facing his destiny in The Lion King or Moana sailing for her people, we all connect with their journeys of self-discovery and overcoming challenges.

Image of Steamboat Willie

Disney understands the power of nostalgia. Their stories evoke childhood memories, warm family moments, and a sense of innocent wonder. From the iconic castle opening to the familiar musical scores, every detail is designed to transport us back to a simpler time, rekindling a sense of magic and possibility.

Their characters become lifelong companions, their songs get passed down through generations, and their theme parks offer shared experiences that strengthen bonds. This sense of community fosters loyalty and belonging, making fans feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

Disney’s magic isn’t just about princesses and talking mice, it’s about resonating with our deepest emotions, values, and aspirations. They remind us of the importance of family, the power of self-belief, and the enduring legacy of childhood dreams.

This emotional connection fosters loyalty, creates a sense of belonging, and turns fleeting entertainment into lifelong memories.

The Ever-Evolving Journey

The ultimate goal of branding is not a destination; it’s a journey. It’s about continuously refining your identity, adapting to changing times and audience needs, but always staying true to the core values that resonate with your community.

Today’s markets are saturated with logos and slogans, so emotionally connecting with your audience is the superpower that sets your brand apart. It’s not just about selling products or services, it’s about building relationships, fostering emotions, and creating a space where your audience feels seen, heard, and understood. That’s the true magic of branding, and it’s a power worth reaching for.

Are you looking to create a brand superpower for your business? Get in touch today now it’s time to spark your own brand revolution. But where do you start? Let’s turn these insights into action!

Forget boring branding! We’re not talking limp handshakes and beige business cards here. We’re talking about exploding with energy, grabbing hearts by the fistful, and making your brand resonate like a rock ballad at a karaoke competition on a Friday night!

You now know the goals of branding, that invisible bridge that connects your brand to your audience’s soul. It’s the difference between “eh, kinda like it” and “HECK YEAH, I’m sold and buying everything with this logo on it!”

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